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Bethlehem Lutheran Church

10000 Broad River Road

Irmo, SC 29063


Office Hours:


9:00 - 1:00


Bethlehem Lutheran Church is:


  • A mid-sized congregation; small enough to know and care about each other and large enough to make a difference through our ministries.


  • Committed to traditional values and new ideas. As one of the oldest churches in Irmo and a pillar in the Dutch Fork community, we celebrate our rich German Lutheran heritage made relevant to today's needs. We practice Lutheran theology. We study God's Word. We educate ourselves using an ongoing, respectful and thoughtful approach. All of this allows us to grow in the Spirit and better understand God's Grace.  


  • Friendly, approachable and spiritually engaging. People are drawn to and stay with our congregation because it is uplifting, caring, vibrant and relates to them. After worshipping at Bethlehem Lutheran Church we feel called, fed and sent.


  • Actively and visibly doing God's work in our church, our community and our world. We carry out God's work with love, compassion and humility. God's love is revealed through our ministries.

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