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Mark your calendar, we’re beginning anew.


There is a Sunday School class just right for you.


There is knowledge available to help you grow


The more you study – the more you will know.


The classes begin at the age of two.


Something for everyone we hope to see you.


So come join a group and give it a try.


It cost nothing, the limit’s the sky!

Did you know that there is a Sunday School class just right for you? Come out at 9:30 am on Sundays and see! We have classes from infants through adult!!!

Classes We Offer

+ Ages 2-3

+ Grades 1st – 3rd

+ Grades 4th – 5th

+ Pre-K to Kindergarten

+ Middle School

+ High School Teen Bible Study

+ Adult Augsburg Curriculum Based

+ Adult Independant Curriculum

If you have any questions about our curriculum or how you can get involved in our wonderful Sunday School Program please contact Sarah Hofmann our Director of Christian Education.

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